Prestige Pet Salon opened in August 2010. We are a family owned and founded by Mike and Conny. Following we interduce the crew that makes Prestige Pet Salon the special groom place for your pet.

 Mike is one of our owners. He is an Engineer by day and owner by night. He always gets frantic calls when the computer system is down and comes to the crews rescue. He takes care of anything technical ranging from web development to software development. He likes outdoor activities and loves to go to the Dunes.
 Conny is the other half of the business. She has been grooming for 7 years. She runs the shop and manages our employees. She is the vital component to our shop. In her spare time she likes to read and spend time with her hubby.

 Kristin is one of our groomers and a manager. She has been grooming for 6 years. She was hired in November 2010. Her responsibilities include grooming and bathing. In her free time she loves to ride her horse Morgan and play with her Westie Audrey. You will see Audrey in the shop as she often comes to work with Kristin.
 Tracy has been grooming for 12 years. She was hired in April 2011. She loves to spend time with her family and read.
 Becki has been grooming for 6 years. She was hired in November 2011. She is a student at ASU which occupies most of her free time.